Storage Containers

If you are looking to buy shipping containers for storage, your search ends here. Equipment Management Services (EMS) offers high-quality, durable and reliable shipping containers for sale that can be used as storage units. We make life easier for you by supplying you with safe and secure shipping containers for your warehousing and storage needs. If durability and security are your topmost priority, our weather-proof and extra-strong shipping containers are a great choice for your business needs. We offer container units of various sizes and we can also build custom units per your specifications. Our unrivaled expertise coupled with affordable costs has made us one of the most trusted suppliers in the regions we serve.

Shipping containers can be used as both temporary and long-term storage solutions. If you are interested in short-term usage and you have a small initial budget, you may consider our used shipping containers instead. For years, we have provided affordable storage solutions to a diverse array of companies in various business sectors to meet their storage and warehousing needs.  Some of our clients include construction companies, government agencies, transportation companies, commercial businesses, equipment manufacturers, warehouses and many more.

Not only does EMS provide high-quality shipping containers, but we can also modify these cargo storage containers to meet your special requirements. Based on your specification, our team can add a lot of customization to the units such as adding extra doors, lighting, vents, etc. With our help, you can expect shipping modifications to be an absolute breeze. If you are scaling up your business quickly, your storage needs could certainly grow. But, building a permanent and secure storage shed will take both time and money. In such a situation, purchasing shipping containers for storage is a fast, affordable and pragmatic solution.

EMS has built strong relationships with very reputable container manufacturers to rapidly build out new units as per your requirements. In addition to that, we also stock a wide array off used containers for sale at our depots. Our container experts inspect the used units carefully and get all the damages repaired to make sure the storage containers for sale are fit-for-service and “like new”. At any given moment, we have a large inventory of both used shipping containers for sale and new cargo containers for sale that are readily available for purchase. We also have partnerships with multiple depot operators throughout the United States. Thus we can process and dispatch your order quickly and deliver the shipping containers to your location within a very short time frame.

Looking to buy a shipping container today? We are the ones that you should absolutely talk to, whether you are looking for new, used, or a rental one. Need something customized real quick? Give us a call immediately and we’ll help you create the specific storage container that you need.

To find out more, call us at 713-675-4442 and speak to one of our friendly container experts. You can visit our contact page and fill out the form to have someone get in touch with you through email instead.