After Shopping for Shipping Containers for Sale: What to Expect When Turning It Into a House

If you’ve set your mind on having your very own container home, it’s no surprise that you’d want to get started on looking at various shipping containers for sale in Houston and elsewhere right away. After all, the sooner you find the perfect unit for your project, the earlier you can get started on developing your dream container home.

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A Shipping Container Can Be Transformed into a Cozy Functional Room



Looking for custom shipping containers? EMS specializes in modifying shipping containers to fit your unique requirements. Our wide range of modified shipping or cargo containers for sale run the course from mobile offices, electrical switch rooms, container homes, emergency shelters and beyond. Whatever your needs are for shipping container modifications, if you can imagine it, weThe Possibilities are Endless with Shipping Container Modifications can definitely build it.  For businesses that require additional facilities and customization such as doors, windows, air conditioning, etc, we can handle that too.If you have some unique ideas in mind, you have come to the right place.
At EMS, we can turn your ideas into reality and build a modified shipping container that meets your special requirements. Wondering if that crazy idea was possible? All you have to do is ask and we’ll tell you if it is. We can do the modifications in-house at our facilities or through our partnerships with various reliable factories throughout America. We can build brand new customized container units according to your specifications or we can also modify used shipping containers for sale based on your requirements.  All you need to do is share your ideas with us and we will make your shipping containers look the way you want and with the functionally you need.

If your business is expanding at a rapid pace and you need worksite solutions that can be deployed quickly, modifying shipping containers into portable office spaces is a great idea to scale up while keeping your costs Shipping Containers Can Be Transformed into Portable Office Spaceslow. Better yet, EMS can modify new and used shipping containers into lunch rooms, first aid rooms, storage rooms, switch rooms, etc for your business. You can even ask us to build a shipping container office for your team! And through our relationships with various depot operators across the US, we can have these fully modified containers delivered to your worksite quickly and efficiently.

At EMS, we offer you the ability to fully customize your container according to your own specifications. You get to choose the dimensions, the kind of accessories you want in your container, the color, and many others. Our modification team will work with you to make sure the final product looks exactly like the one you had in mind.  We will listen to your ideas, pay attention to your needs and keep your requests in mind and then our modification team will chalk out the best possible way to build your modified shipping container at a very competitive price.

If you have any questions about our shipping container modification services, get in touch with us by dialing 713-675-4442. Or, you can also send an email to

CALL US with your ideas and specifications in mind and our customer-friendly team will get back to you. Whether you are looking for shipping containers for sale, storage containers for sale or a shipping container rental service, we have just the thing for your needs. Have special requests that require major modifications? Well, get the ball moving by contacting us today and we’ll come up with the best possible options and pricing. Looking to buy a shipping container today? Contact us to get more information and we’ll help you get started as soon as possible.




Mobile Container Office Modifications Texas

Think Outside of the Box: The Latest Mobile Office Trend is Bursting With Opportunity

Shipping containers have long been used on construction sites and as storage containers.

But now, the rise of eco-friendly building initiatives is seeing them popping up in other industries as well.

As cities work to figure out how to regulate their use for houses and stores, traditional uses of shipping containers are growing more popular.

Shipping containers are now being used as portable, expandable, eco-friendly office space.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know about the new mobile office trend.

They Expand with Your Business

If your business is rapidly running out of space faster than you can move offices or expand your current location, you need a solution.

A storage container office is one great option.

Easy to transport and able to fit into tight spaces in parking lots or other areas on your property, these mobile offices can help you expand your office without expanding your space.

This is also a great option for businesses that see an uptick in work during certain times of the year.

For instance, if your business brings on extra employees around the holidays or when taxes need to be done, you might need portable offices. You can rent or buy a unit to use during your busy season. Then when its over, simply remove and return the container or put it in storage until you need it again.

They Move with You

Many industries have workspaces that move frequently.

Maybe your work in construction, installing pipelines, or you are hired by a business to travel the country educating or managing different branches of your business.

Either way, constantly seeking out new offices to rent is a big mistake. With each new location you’ll have to deal with finding an office, negotiating a contract, and outfitting the space to fit your needs.

With a mobile office, you’ll only ever have to worry about finding a spot to place your container. Often times, these small offices even fit right on your workspace or the parking lot of a building you’re working in.

When the job is over in that location, simply pack up your office and prepare it for transport.

They’re Fully Customizable

One stigma often attached to shipping container offices is that they are dark, plain spaces.

But in reality, modern mobile offices are fully customizable.

You can add extra windows to allow for more natural light. You can design a layout that fits your business’ needs.

Add air conditioning, heat, electricity, and you’ve got a fully functioning, customized office to suit all your business needs.

They’re Eco-Friendly

More than 1.8 billion metric tons of goods were transported in shipping containers in 2017.

When these shipping containers are no longer needed for shipping, we’re left with massive metal boxes. Luckily, these shipping containers are now finding new homes as actual homes, storage facilities, and of course, mobile offices.

Re-purposing shipping containers into offices is a smart, eco-friendly move.

Choosing Your Mobile Office

A mobile office constructed from a shipping container is a great way to expand your office or give yourself a mobile option that’s customizable and affordable.

If your business needs more space to work or is on the move, check out our mobile container office options today.

Conex Box Garages: Tips to Build the Perfect Garage for Your Home

It isn’t uncommon to find homes that lack a proper garage as many homes only have a driveway for any vehicles a homeowner has. Although the driveway gets the job done, it doesn’t keep your vehicles very secure. In fact, car theft is still a big issue around the country. Despite this, may homeowners still struggle with adding a garage in their homes due to the associated costs. In such cases, it may be to your advantage to invest in a quality conex box instead.

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