Shipping Container Offices

Did your business just get bigger? Awesome! Let us help you expand. We offer very customized portable worksite solutions to meet your business needs. At Equipment Management Services (EMS), you will find that we have an extensive range of shipping containers offices for sale. If you are looking for mobile container office solutions that can be deployed quickly to expand your workplace, our high-quality containers offices are the best solution for your needs. Whether you want to use the container offices as store rooms, switch rooms, lunch rooms or training spaces, etc. we have got you covered. We offer a large inventory of container offices made from 20ft to 40ft shipping containers. In addition, we can handle many special requests and make custom modifications per your specifications.

EMS offers high-quality and long-lasting mobile office solutions at affordable prices. We do maintain some inventory of pre-designed shipping container offices on location that can be transported to your business place at a quick notice. Also, our partnerships with various depot operators also allows us to maintain a larger inventory of shipping containers all throughout the United States. So, we can dispatch and have shipping container offices delivered to your doorstep no matter where you are in a quick and efficient manner.

Our pre-designed shipping container offices are a great choice if you are looking to expand your worksite at a rapid pace. However, if you have special needs, these pre-designed containers can be modified in-house by our modification experts. EMS understands that every business is unique and each work site mobile office solution will vary. So, we offer you the ability to completely customize the shipping container to your needs. Our container experts will consult with you at every stage of the modification process to ensure the shipping container office is being built in accordance to your desired specifications. You can be confident that EMS will build, modify and deliver custom container offices at very competitive prices and on schedule.

Give us a call today at 1-713-675-4442 and let’s discuss how EMS custom worksite solutions can give your business a tremendous cost advantage over your competitors.