New and Used Conex Boxes for Sale from a Trusted Off-Dock Supplier

Top Questions to Ask Suppliers before Purchasing Storage Containers for Sale

Shipping containers are your best bet if you’re looking for a cost-efficient solution to your storage space construction project. Instead of building from the ground up, you can simply put up a shipping container or two and equip them with the basic features of a storage room. This will save you huge sums of money since shipping containers are much less costly than traditional materials. Also, they already have the rudimentary elements a structure needs to stand soundly.

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Easy, Affordable, and Unique Business Expansion Ideas Using Storage Containers for Sale

It is a big risk for a business to expand because the move requires a lot of hard work and financial investment. When the expansion is done too soon, there is a chance that a brand can suffer a major loss. However, staying stagnant and repeating the same marketing strategies can also result in lost opportunity. Instead of going all out and expanding too rapidly, business owners should be smart and start small.

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When to Consider Purchasing New or Used Storage Containers for Sale

Previously, the only use people have for storage containers is for transporting goods from one country or state to another. Today, these metal boxes are already widely utilized for other applications, primarily as alternative base material for various kinds of structure. Regardless of your intended use for them, however, you still need to decide whether to buy brand new units or settle for used ones. Here are some tips that can help you make the right choice.

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Handy Tips to Remember Before Buying Used Storage Containers for Sale

There is no denying that opting for used storage container for sale comes with both pros and cons. For the most part, choosing used shipping containers offer more benefits than their brand new counterparts. Apart from being cost-effective, they are also an eco-friendly option. And if you can find a reputable supplier within Houston or the surrounding Texas areas, you will have definitely struck gold. However, there is always the issue of used containers looking worse for wear or even requiring some extra repairs. Read More

Storage Container For Sale: Rent, Buy or Build—Which One to Choose?

When it comes to RV or boat storage, most people will ask themselves if it’s better to rent an offsite storage unit, purchase storage containers for sale or build a metal building on their premises for these seasonal vehicles. The right choice of course, will depend upon your particular situation and include factors such as how long do you plan to keep you vehicles stored and what your budget is. Here are some considerations to help you decide whether to rent, buy or build a storage space on your lot. Read More

Inspiring Creative Ideas to Do with Used Storage Containers for Sale

Shipping containers can be more than just what they are. Their versatility is mostly due to the sufficient space within their modular shape. They are easily stackable, refurbished, and even arranged into buildings with fascinating geometric patterns. To someone with a creative eye, shipping containers tend to look like giant pieces of Lego blocks that can be arranged to form useful structures. Read More

A Consumer’s Guide for Choosing Storage Containers for Sale

It’s big, rectangular, and heavy. Any way you look at it, considering storage containers for sale seems simple and straightforward. Storage containers offer a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for an ideal place to store their current or excess inventory. However, just like any commodity for sale, you need to ensure that you are getting exactly what you paid for. Read More