The Surprising Ways a Shipping Container Office is Good for Business

You know what makes a great home-building material? Shipping containers.

Not only are they flood- and fireproof. They also don’t cost much and can last for more than a decade. And you know what else?

They’re so versatile. Aside from homes, shipping containers have been turned into trendy restaurants, swimming pools, playgrounds, home gyms, and of course, offices.

Here, we’ll focus on the last one and tell you how a shipping container office could be the perfect solution for your business.

It’s Fun

You already know that you can save money if you go for a shipping container office instead of leasing or buying an office. So there’s nothing surprising about saying container offices are cost-effective.

More than that though, a mobile office constructed from a shipping container is fun. It’s customizable, so you can be as creative with it as you want. And if you do it right, you can help your employees feel more productive.

After all, employees don’t need a multi-story office to do their best work. What they need is a space that has access to natural light, encourages collaboration, and reflects their own creativity.

It’s Sustainable

As an entrepreneur, you need to think about your company’s branding. Embracing green practices is one way to raise your company’s profile.

But how can you do that with an office in a box? Again, this is where a bit of creativity helps. Certain modifications such as vents, walk-in doors, insulation can make your shipping office container green.

And when you have a green office, you can expect to save on energy costs. It’s only a matter of working with the right team who can execute your vision and give you an eco-friendly office.

It’s Flexible

It’s a portable office, which means you can move it to a different location when needed. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you don’t break any laws when you’re moving to a new location. But other than that, having a shipping container office means you can easily set up a pop-up shop if you want.

It also means you’re not limited to staying in one place. Whether you’re setting up a container office as a permanent or temporary office space, it’s as flexible as you need it to be.

It’s Spacious

One thing that comes as a shock (and a delight) to people who are considering shipping container offices is the space they have to work with. This is especially true if they’ve never seen the real thing and only basing their impression from pictures.

Remember, shipping containers are for holding and transporting loads of bulky items. So while one may not be as big as the usual commercial space, it’s still not as small as you may think it is.

There are also different sizes to choose from, which means you can go huge if you want. If you’re thinking a container office wouldn’t be enough to hold all your equipment, plus your employees, you’re in for a surprise.

Looking for a Container Office?

We can help. Feel free to check out our extensive range of shipping container offices for sale.

But if you’re still deciding if a container office is right for your business, that’s okay. We highly encourage you to check out our other shipping container office articles so you can find out more details about this type of alternative workspace.

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The Reason Entrepreneurs Have Started Using Shipping Container Offices

Success is the dream and goal of all business. The key to success is high productivity, and productivity begins in the office. While it might sound trivial, maintaining order and cleanliness in the office is vital as it can boost the employees’ energy level. One way to effortlessly keep the office organized and clean is by going green. According to an article published by Forbes in February 2017, a green office equals a productive office.

There are many ways to build a green office. Repurposing a shipping container is the most popular and contemporary way to accomplish that goal. It is a sustainable method that is being used more and more by entrepreneurs and businesses around the world. What exactly makes a shipping container a good office?

Join the Trend and Make a Shipping Container Office for Your Business

Fast and Affordable

Perhaps this is not the most direct path to increased productivity, but providing a good structure in an immediate and cost effective manner can certainly speed up your business’ journey to success. This is true in various situations, such as whether you are building new or relocating your office. A shorter waiting period for the new office can propel your business into motion faster.

Shipping containers also cost 20% less than traditional buildings. Spending less on the office building and focusing your financial resources into the things that matter more certainly can’t hurt your business.

An Oasis Away from Home

Many people would not guess it, but shipping containers can make for a quiet and comfortable workspace. Typically, offices built using a shipping container are not located smack dab in the middle of a city or a busy street. Instead, they are surrounded by lush trees and plants that will also fulfill the primary objective of being green.

Conditions like those can increase workers’ focus and concentration. In fact, office employees can be 15% more productive when working in a quiet, green environment compared to a hectic, competitive one.

Natural Space

Sometimes being organized is less about the organization skill and more about actually having the space to put things away. A shipping container is very spacious on the inside. Not to mention, the original purpose of a shipping container is to store items. As offices tend to need a lot of storage, whether it is for archiving paperwork or stocking cleaning equipment, there can be no better place to do it than a shipping container. Some even make them into mobile tool rooms.

Customization is a Possibility

If you think a shipping container is just a sturdy metal box with no ability to be modified, think again. The fact is, you can do virtually everything you can do with a conventional building to a shipping container. You can have glass windows, air conditioning system, WiFi, sliding doors, or even multiple storey offices.

Even better, you can create a mobile office out of a shipping container. As it is lightweight in nature, transporting your office around the country will be a breeze. You can also paint the exterior of the container to match it to your business color and logo so people could recognize it as you travel from state to state. Think of it as an indirect marketing strategy.

Another advantage of having a shipping container office is its ability to turn heads. Imagine the client’s’ impression if you hold a meeting there. It can’t be denied that a shipping container has a certain flair or style to it. If this idea is something you are interested in, work together with a trusted shipping container supplier such as Equipment Management Services to choose the right type of container for your office needs.


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