7 Mind-Blowing and Original Uses of Storage Containers in 2018

Used shipping containers are incredibly versatile.

They don’t have to be discarded after serving their original purpose. This is because they make great eco-friendly alternatives for building structures. These days, they’re being used to build everything from offices to entertainment venues. In this post, we’ll show you some of the most interesting uses for them.

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Shipping Container Homes & Offices: Making the Most of Your Space

You’ve got on board with the shipping container movement and now it’s on its way, ready to become your new home or office. Clearly, space needs to be well utilized to get the very best out of the space. The key – shipping container home plans that actually work! It’s amazing what you can do with a small space. Read on for our handy guide.

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Shipping Container Modifications: Top Features You Can Choose to Add to Your Unit

Around the world, thousands of shipping containers carrying cargo cross the sea each day. Hundreds of them don’t make it back and end up in dumpsites. Even those that still look sturdy, as long as they are no longer seaworthy, are eventually ditched away. Thanks to the genius of modern-day architects and engineers, these gigantic pieces of garbage now have other practical uses.

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Shipping Container Modifications You Can Request from Your Supplier

If you are planning to repurpose a shipping container into a home addition or an office, you will most likely make some changes to its structure. Did you know that you can get some of the modification tasks out of the way right where you purchased the unit? Trusted shipping container suppliers, such as Equipment Management Services, perform shipping container modifications to meet the special needs of some buyers. Here are some of the modifications they can make for you.

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Beautiful, Modern, and Eco-Friendly Shipping Container Modification Ideas to Try

It is no secret that shipping container modification is a great way to reuse an old cargo container and create less waste during the construction process. Plus, with the container acting as the sturdy base of a “building” it cuts down the cost of laying down a foundation. There are so many reasons why the residents of Texas and everywhere else in the world are turning to new and used metal boxes for their construction needs, meaning it is worth looking into.

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Shipping Container Modifications Can Turn an Empty Hull into an Innovative Creation

Travel down any highway and you will gain a glimpse of the many uses for shipping containers, from their original perch on a railroad car or barge, to a storage unit on a ranch, to a rural drive-in restaurant, to someone’s cozy home. However, you won’t see all of the uses for these practical and durable structures, simply because their uses continue to evolve. Read More