Shipping Container Modifications You Can Request from Your Supplier

If you are planning to repurpose a shipping container into a home addition or an office, you will most likely make some changes to its structure. Did you know that you can get some of the modification tasks out of the way right where you purchased the unit? Trusted shipping container suppliers, such as Equipment Management Services, perform shipping container modifications to meet the special needs of some buyers. Here are some of the modifications they can make for you.

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Beautiful, Modern, and Eco-Friendly Shipping Container Modification Ideas to Try

It is no secret that shipping container modification is a great way to reuse an old cargo container and create less waste during the construction process. Plus, with the container acting as the sturdy base of a “building” it cuts down the cost of laying down a foundation. There are so many reasons why the residents of Texas and everywhere else in the world are turning to new and used metal boxes for their construction needs, meaning it is worth looking into.

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Shipping Container Modifications Can Turn an Empty Hull into an Innovative Creation

Travel down any highway and you will gain a glimpse of the many uses for shipping containers, from their original perch on a railroad car or barge, to a storage unit on a ranch, to a rural drive-in restaurant, to someone’s cozy home. However, you won’t see all of the uses for these practical and durable structures, simply because their uses continue to evolve. Read More

Factors to Consider Before Performing Shipping Container Modifications

Shipping containers are known for their flexibility of use. In the world of architecture, the sky’s the limit when designing with this equipment. You can turn it into a home, an office, a personal workspace, pop up bars, pools, and stages, among others. It’s also environment-friendly and durable. Another thing that architects like about working with shipping containers is their ease of application. Since they can come in customized dimensions and shapes, they have an easier time to design it for many projects. Read More

A Recyclable Solution to Reducing Homelessness: Custom Shipping Containers Converted to Housing

Half a million people live on the streets or in shelters on any given night in the U.S. Around a fourth of the homeless are children. The reasons for homelessness are varied, but the most common are poverty, joblessness, and falling incomes. Apart from these causes, inadequate affordable housing and declining public residential assistance programs have worsened both homelessness and the existing housing crisis.

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The Many Possibilities Offered by Shipping Container Modifications

Looking at shipping containers as mere transport containers for huge loads of goods is now a thing of the past. Aside from this traditional function, ordinary people and businessmen are finding new uses for shipping containers. Advantages in shipping container technology has also made it easier to personalize them to a customer’s exact specifications. In fact, if you can imagine it, chances are it can be built.

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