Preserving Products for Long and Short Journeys with Custom Shipping Containers

Exportation is a process surrounded by various kinds of risk. One that is particularly frustrating is delay. Whether it’s caused by a bad weather at sea or port congestion, delay can lead to a wide range of issues, especially if the products being transported are perishable. A few days of delay can cause goods, such as fruits and meat, to start rotting. Even if they arrive intact at their destination, they will no longer have the quality the recipient is hoping to get.

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The Different Types of Foundation Used for Custom Shipping Containers

Custom shipping containers from Texas are built for all sorts of uses. These metal boxes are now being repurposed into homes, schools, offices, restaurants, and so many other structures. Although some of these repurposed containers are mobile, many are permanent structures that require a good and sturdy foundation. Without the right foundation as support, even the best designed and carefully constructed modified shipping containers can fall apart in no time.

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Custom Shipping Containers: Tips for Building a Beautiful Green Home

People today are becoming much more aware of how our daily lifestyles have an adverse effect on the environment. This has led to many green movements over the years in an effort to preserve Mother Nature for future generations. One such movement is the construction of green homes out of unused materials. A great example of this would be to build a home out of several custom shipping containers.

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Expert Tips on How to Buy Shipping Container for Your Business Upgrading Needs

Are you thinking of upgrading your business from local retail to export? If you’re consistently hitting your targets and you’ve saved enough to be able to take your business offshore, then it’s a clear sign that you should consider international trade. At the same time, you have to reinforce your local business structure so that it can have a stable footing when it’s time to expand.

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Some Interesting Facts about Custom Shipping Containers that You Should Know

More and more people are starting to customize shipping containers to create various kinds of facility. These high-grade storage units, mostly made of industrial steel, are portable and highly adaptable, which is why they are attracting curious, innovative consumers. The last decade has seen fast growth in the number of residential and commercial facilities made with shipping containers. If you are interested in customizing one for your project, here are some of the things that you should know. Read More

Major Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Home With Custom Shipping Containers

With their affordability, strength, ease of use, and eco-friendliness, shipping containers make for good materials to build a home. A lot of people are actually using this option nowadays. You can see many examples of container houses that were done in a short time without having to spend too much. There are also, however, container homes that have failed. This isn’t because of the material, but it’s due to the mistakes homeowners make. Read More