3 Assumptions You Should Never Make When Buying a Conex Box for Sale

Conex boxes have long been the storage and transportation solution of choice for export businesses and freight forwarders. They are also a suitable base material for various types of structure. It’s no wonder many are considering using Conex boxes for their projects. If you are planning to buy your own Conex box for sale soon, here are some of the assumptions you should never make when picking a unit.

Assuming that Any Type of Conex Box Fits Your Project

It’s not enough that you know Conex boxes come in a range of types. You also have to know that each type has a unique opening and closing mechanism. No matter how you would like to repurpose the shipping container into, this feature can affect the work required. It would also affect the way you would use the box to store and export goods. Find a Conex box type that you could easily work or modify to fit its intended purpose. For instance, if you need to dismantle most of the side walls, simply buy an open-side container so that you can avoid the hard job of cutting the wall, because you can just remove the door.

What You Should Keep in Mind When Buying Conex Boxes for Your Projects

Assuming that the Conex Box Is Empty

If you’re going to buy a used Conex box, make sure to carefully inspect its interior first. Some used Conex boxes still have contents in them, leftover from the previous trip. Apart from the excess products left uncleaned in the container, you may also find insulation, flooring, and other fixtures still intact. If you end up buying one of these containers, you will still need to spend on dismantling and cleaning. So make sure that the inside of the box you are planning to buy is really empty before they load it on the truck for delivery.

Assuming that the Container Will Be Delivered to You

While reputable suppliers in Houston, such as Equipment Management Services, have the vehicles needed to transport the Conex box you purchased to your home, others don’t. The last thing you need is a newly bought Conex box that you will end up towing away by yourself. And it’s not just the towing that you need to worry about. Unloading the container and moving it to its intended space on your property may prove challenging as well. Whereas, if you purchase the box from a trusted supplier, all you have to worry about is setting it up on your property once delivered.

These are the most common mistakes consumers make when buying Conex boxes. It helps to do some research first before shopping around for units to make sure that you are picking the right one. Going to a trusted supplier should be the first step in the purchase process.


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