Some Interesting Facts about Custom Shipping Containers that You Should Know

More and more people are starting to customize shipping containers to create various kinds of facility. These high-grade storage units, mostly made of industrial steel, are portable and highly adaptable, which is why they are attracting curious, innovative consumers. The last decade has seen fast growth in the number of residential and commercial facilities made with shipping containers. If you are interested in customizing one for your project, here are some of the things that you should know. Read More

3 Blunders to Avoid When Purchasing Shipping Containers for Sale

Shipping containers are a great solution if you are looking to expand your residential or commercial facility. Not only do they feature sufficient space but they are also durable and easy to install. You can save a lot on construction because the containers already provide the framework, and all that is left to do is to modify them based on your needs. Read More

A Quick Guide to Finding the Perfect Conex Box for Sale for Your Project

Shipping containers, also called conex boxes, are the primary receptacles used for carrying cargo from port to port. Sturdy and waterproof, these containers can be modified into homes, offices, pop-up business facilities, and other kinds of structure. If you are looking for a cost-effective option to expand your residential or commercial space, you might want to consider looking out for a high-quality conex boxes for sale. Read More

4 Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Conex Box

Conex boxes are primarily used for carrying cargo, but the last couple of decades have seen many innovative uses. A lot of industries, apart from trade and transportation, are beginning to enjoy the many benefits these functional and flexible containers offer. Whether they need additional space for storage or creative works spaces, they can easily build them quickly with conex boxes. Read More

10 Clever Ideas on Transforming Shipping Containers into Useful Structures

Modern shipping containers have been around since 1956, thanks to the innovative mind of Malcom P. McLean, a trucking entrepreneur from North Carolina who came up with the idea to move the entire trucking container directly from the dock to the ship without having to unload and reload it from one container to another. And since that time they’ve been used primarily for just that: shipping cargo and other goods around the world. Read More

International Trade–A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Cargo Storage Containers

The most efficient way to transport cargo is by water. This has been the product transportation means of choice for merchants since time immemorial. Even after the advent of airfreight, still most international traders prefer maritime transportation, and for good reasons. For one, ships can carry heavier loads than planes can, and shipping companies implement the most stringent cargo handling systems, which guarantee cargo safety. Read More