Helpful Tips on Getting Shipping Container Rental for Your Business

If you’re a new business owner engaged in transportation of goods and supplies, you may need to start thinking about how you’re going to bring these items from one point to another in the most cost-efficient manner possible. One of the more obvious answers is to get a shipping container. It’s very mobile, it’s versatile enough for different modes of transportation (whether by ship or on a truck), and it’s durable. Read More

Factors to Consider When Choosing Used Shipping Containers for Sale

With so many used shipping containers on the docks, it’s sometimes much better to simply choose used shipping containers for sale instead of purchasing a brand new one. Not only is it going to be a whole lot cheaper, but it’s also more environment-friendly. As with anything pre-owned, however, there are much more factors to consider before deciding to buy. Read More

Helpful Tips for Building Quality Homes Out of Shipping Containers

Having a good-quality home made out of shipping containers is not going to depend on architectural style and interior design alone. While these are important elements, they should not be the main focus of concern. Beyond aesthetics, functionality and safety are actually just as important. Here are some tips on how to efficiently use shipping containers for building your new home. Read More

Shipping Containers for Sale in Texas: Affordable Shelter for Vehicles

Shipping containers are effective storage facilities that can protect your car, truck, or boat from inclement weather and other environmental elements. Many homeowners use modified shipping containers or conex boxes to protect their various modes of transport. The ease of installation and durability have made these metal shelters a popular method for protecting different types of vehicle. Read More

Making Your Shipping Container Rental or Purchase Complement Your Home

Used shipping containers aren’t really known for their luxurious or avantgarde design. Generally speaking, such metal structures are pretty straightforward in both style and appearance. Having said that, just because they look rigid doesn’t mean there’s no way they can ever complement your home. All it takes is a little imagination and some creativity. To ensure your shipping container rental or purchase blends well with your existing home, here’s what you need to do. Read More

4 Ways You Could Be Wasting Money By Not Buying or Renting a Conex Box

Conex boxes, aka shipping containers, are cost-effective storage solutions that are easy to install and maintain. By purchasing one for your storage needs, you could end up saving a lot of hard-earned cash in the long run. On the contrary, you could also be losing money by not having them. How can this happen, you may ask? Here are four different ways that you’re spending more money than you should by not having a shipping container installed on your property. Read More

Used Shipping Containers for Sale: 6 Innovative Ways to Utilize Them

Used shipping containers are sturdy, covered structures that protect your investments from external threats in an efficient yet economical manner. They, however, can serve a lot of other purposes aside from simply providing shelter for your tools and equipment. Move your stuff somewhere else for the time being and you can instantly enjoy these practical uses for your metal shipping container. Read More

Used Shipping Containers for Sale: 5 Ways to Make Your Container Shed Brighter

Today’s used shipping containers for sale are no longer simply used to store livestock and farming equipment. Many owners use their outdoor structures as hobby sheds, playrooms, studios, and practically any purpose they can think of. A well-illuminated used shipping container can ensure maximized use and enjoyment of your building. If you’re in the process of plotting the design of your metal container, one consideration you need to make is to think about how you’re going to light it. If you don’t want to bother installing electrical wiring in your outdoor buildings, here are some alternatives for you. Read More