The Imminent Rise of Shipping Containers for Sale in Housing Industry of Houston

Being the most populous city in Texas, Houston has seen its share of housing problems in the last few years. According to a report released by the National Low-Income Housing Coalition, the state of Texas has the 7th worst number of affordable housing in the country for households that are earning at or below the 30% AMFI line. If you think that is bad, it’s even worse for metro areas like Houston which was rated the 3rd worst in affordable housing availability amongst all cities in the United States. Read More

Four Awesome and Surprising Reasons Why People Get Shipping Containers for Sale

You’ve seen those huge, rectangular metal boxes traveling up and down the road delivering various goods and items around the country. They are also indispensable in transportation of cargo for the marine industry. However, their value is not only limited to transportation. There are many accepted alternative uses for shipping containers for sale. Read More

A FAQ Sheet on Urban Farming through Used Shipping Containers for Sale

The functions of shipping containers continue to evolve as several are being turned into hydroponics urban farms! Hydroponics is a method that grows plants in soilless solutions, such as water and any inert growing medium like coconut fiber, perlite, and sand. Gardening this way offers an optimal nutrient balance for plants and produce nutritious, organic, and abundant crops. In addition, hydroponics decreases or removes pests, cuts gardening time and energy, and allows people to grow plants in arid regions. Read More